TDP Single-Punch Tablet Press Machine

1.This machine urges with the motor, can press various kinds of tablet in succession in order to press one slice of machines small-scaly and desk-toply.
2.Machine this can is it succeed round or special-shaped tablet to press various kinds of tiny particle , thick powder, suitable for the laboratory or produce various kinds of tablets , sugar-tablet , calcium tablet , dysmorphism in batches etc. small.
3.This machine does not press big particle and solid , moist or superfine powder suitably .
4.This machine of simple structure , automatic degree easy to operate is high, press suitably and of different form tablet.

Technical Parameter
 Model TDP-1.5 TDP-5
 Dies  15kn  50kn
 Max pressure  φ14mm  φ18mmφ22mm
Max depth of fill  11mm  15mm
 Diameter of up and down panch pole  φ10mm  φ10mm
 Diameter of middle moald  φ28mm  φ33mm
 Prodution Capacity(釘/n)  3600頭/扮  2000-3600頭/扮
 Main morton power(kw)  0.37kw  0.55kw
 Net weight(kg)  85kg  145kg
 Overall Size  540〜450〜640mm  600〜500〜700mm

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