TDP-100tSingle-Punch Tablet Press Machine

This machine is used in various kinds of particle forms according to the not designing of standard device of electronic food of chemical industry of pharmacy, raw materials press the slice of making, its greatest advantage can press large stretch of type and great types, but two-sided to carve characters block.
This machine adopts the series of the press, the mould adopts the special material to be made.
This function is clear that observes the working state of the machine, and can all turn on and clear up and maintain within the easy machine .
It is the first-selection that users pressed the large stretch of ideal equipment that this machine is elegant in appearance , easy and simple to handle.


Technical Parameter

 Dies  1set
  Max.Pressure  800kn、1000kn、160kn
  Max.Dia of tablet(mm)  55mm
 Max Filling Depth  100mm
 Max.Depth of Fill  30mm
 Max Dies  21/肝
Production Capacity  1260/H
 Power(KW)  7.5kw  8132n-4
 Overall Size  1960X1335X3000
 Net Weight(kg)  10800

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