ZP33D 35D 37D Rotated Style Tablet Press Machine

The machine is usde in pharmaceutcal,chemical,food industries.It presses vaious granular raw materiais into normalciraular tablet and abnormal tablet.Charateritics:The machine is a double press type,continuously automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablet.The outside part of the maching is fullyenclosless steel,which can keep gloss and prevent the cross pollution and meet G.M.P requirement.It has transparent windows so that the press condition fully so that it is easy to clean and maintain the iperative parts are layout of all the controllers and the opertive parts are reasonable.It is used double frequency speed adjustment,steadily moving,safety and accurate.An overloaded protection unti is incluing in the system to avoid the damage of the apparatus.When the preddure is overloaded,the maching stops automatilly.It is used machatrouies and touch keyboard and touch screen transmission systemin enclosed in the oil tank at the bottel of the main body of the maching ,and it is easy to give off heat and it is near proof.It is installed avcuum cleaner so that the apparatus can clean the dust.The easily damaged part,for example,the top rail,material adder etc.and also applicable to ZP33 old type pedouction.It is good for standard general snd seeries.It can be common used to ZP19,ZP33,ZP33B,ZP35,ZP37 type.
Technical Parameter  
  Dies  33sets 35sets 37sets
  Max.Pressure  60kn
  Max.Dia of tablet  13mm
    Max.Depth of Fill  15mm
  Max.Thickness of Tablet  6mm
  Turrer Speed  14-36r/min
  Prodution Capacity  150000pc/h
  Motor  4kw,1400r/min,380v/50hz
  Overall Size  980〜1240〜1690mm
  Net Weight  1850kg

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