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Products No. Hopeland F 001
Name: Fish Meal Production Line
Equipment Picture
The wet-method whole fish meal production is one of the most advanced fish meal processing technologies worldwide at present. Consisting of five major parts: fish meal production, oil refining system, double-effect falling film concentration system and deodorization device for environment protection, and electrical general control, it can make fish meal and fish oil of high quality out of leftovers of waste and odd substances (such as head, skin, bowel, etc.) and little rough fish which is not edible, especially out of whole fish which is very resourceful, and it shows great economic benefits and social benefits.
Process Flow
Main Equipment
1. Cooker 3. Dryer
2. Squeezer 4. Double-effect Concentration
Related Equipment
1. Horizontal Centrifuge
2. Vertical Centrifuge
3. Deodorization & Waste Heat Utilization System
4. Electrical General Control
5. Feeding Screw Conveyer
6. Raw Fish Cutter
7. Iron-Separator
8. Fish meal Cooler
9. Grinder
Technical parameters
Model SF-15 SF-30 SF-50 SF-80 SF-150
Processing Capacity of Raw Materials (T/24hr) 15 30 50 80 150
Power Consumption per ton of Fish Meal (KW) 140-160 130-150 120-140 115-125 110-130
Steam Consumption per ton of Fish Meal (T) 2.5-2.6 2.4-2.5 2.3-2.4 2.2-2.3 2.2-2.3
Pressure of Working Steam (MPa) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Match Power (KW) 48 110 140 180 220
Floor Area of Land Type (M2) 60 100 130 180 200
Floor Area of Marine Type (M2) 20 70 / / /
Note: actual power utilization is about 60% of match power.
Ending Product Picture
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