HPCCFD-6 Full-auto Teabag Packing Machine


HLCCFD6 The envelope is sealed and packed with paper. it has functions of filling, heat sealing, threading, labeling and over wrapping. 


Bag sample:


Technical Parameter         
Output: bag/minute 110bags/minute
Max. dosage: 8cm³
Bag dimensions:  62.5mmí┴50mm
Envelope dimension:70mmí┴65mm
Tag dimensions: 28mmí┴24mm
Thread length:  210mm
Power supply:  AC380V
Total power: 1.25KW
Weight: 565kg
Overall dimensions(m³): 1.7mí┴0.9mí┴2m
Packing box dimensions(m³): 1.236mí┴1mí┴1.855m
Packing material consumption     
Type Filter paper: 7500bags/kg
Tag paper: 10000tags/kg
Thread: 20000bags/spool(4270m)
Vinayil: 70000bags/kg
Envelope paper:  1300bags/kg
BOX counted according to the number of bags


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