PLT-128 Jet Printer



Jet head PLT-128 PLT-256 PLT-512
Jet mouth eyelet 128 256 512
Jet height 1mm-17.5mm 1mm-35.0mm 1mm-70.0mm
Pixel(vertical) 185dpi 185dpi 185dpi
Dimension 75°Ń25°Ń55mm 105°Ń62°Ń80mm 132°Ń140°Ń120mm
Power 90-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Jet Speed Max30m/minute
Jet distance 6.5mm
  1. Western characters.
  2. Date, time jet printing.
  3. Bar Code Jet printing£ļEAN8 code, EAN13 code, EAN128 code, UPC A code, UPC E code, ITF code, 39 code, 93 code, 128 code, 25 code
  4. LOGO jet printing £®2 bits BMP form£©
  5. RS-323,RS-423,RS-485  net work continually jet printing.
  6. Out data jet printing.
  7. Circuit/Flip Vertical, Circuit/Flip Horizontal jet printing,  90°„, 180°„,270°„rotating jet printing.
  8. Fixed space continually jet printing.
  9. Total amount statistics.
  10. When software and hardware connected, printer will check itself.
  11. When printer is in idle mode, avoid being jammed, the jet head will auto spray ink.



  1. Windows Operation
  2. Low fault rate- with CE certificate. Structure is designed finely.
  3. Cheap Ink ®C it only use ink, no consuming of solution.
  4. Flexible combination- PC, Laptop, PDA or PLG-4000 Computer, EZ-DOTWARE software will edit word file and control the jet printing step.
  5. Off line jet printing-after printing start, the computer can be disconnected and the printing will be still being kept.

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