10-10,000L Fermentation Equipment

Products No. Hopeland C104
Name: 10-10,000L Fermentation System
Equipment Picture
We provide 10-10000L ferment system, which is available for microbial laboratory, middle trial workshop and industrial production line.
For example:  ethanol production, bacteria manufacture like start culture & Phytase.
Technical Parameter
No Name Specification/ Quantity Remark
1 10-10,000L Ferment tank SUS304 or SUS316 1 piece Inner and external polished
(including mechanical stirrer)
2 Air Filtering System   1set Stainless steel outer covering
3 Vapor Filtering System   1set Stainless steel outer covering
4 Air pressure reduce valve   1set  
5 Oil-water separator   1set  
6 Electric motor 550W 1set  
7 Speed adjusting equipment 550W 1set  
8 Temperature Automatic Detection System   2set  
9 Temperature Automatic Control System   1set Including automatic cooling and heating
10 Constant temperature pump   1piece  
11 pH sensor   1set  
12 pH shield signal line   1set  
13 Peristaltic Pump   1set  
14 Pressure Detection System   1set  
15 Electric control cabinet   1set  
16 light   1 piece  
17 Valve, pipe and rack Stainless steel pipe, valve SUS316 1set  
Online detection, digital display automatic control.
PH: online detection, digital display automatic control, imported electrode.
Rotate speed
Online detection, digital display automatic control, imported transducer, SEW electromotor, infinitely variable speed regulation design.
Online detection, meter display, manual adjustment.
Including: ferment tank, stainless steel pipe and valve, stainless steel rack, air filtrating system, vapor purifying system, pH, temperature,  rotate speed, automatic  detection and control system.
Using on-site sterilization system, vapor jacket warm-up, reduce condensate water when sterilization, solve the problem of condensate water control, diversion baffler in the inner jacketassure temperature in the inner jacket adequate distribution.
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