Concrete Pole Spinning Machine Production Line

Products No. Hopeland A125
Name: Pre-stressed Concrete Spun Pole Production Line
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This Pre-stressed Concrete Spun Pole Production Line is designed in accordance with annual production capacity of 36,000pcs various medium-sized cone pre-stressed steel concrete poles.
As far back as the 1930s, the People¡¯s Republic of China used armored concrete pole. With the rapid development of power industry, the production and use of concrete pole has developed tremendously thereupon.
Pre-stressed concrete pole develops rapidly because of much superiority. Compared with common concrete pole, its advantage is as follows:
Economizing steel in a large amount, about 30%~70% (adopting cold drawing can economize 30%~60%; in case of steel wire of high strength, economize 40%~69%);
Crack resistance is improved by 3~5 times;
Steel performance can be improved by 1~3 times;
Reduction of cost (adopting cold drawn wire can economize 25%~40%; in case of steel wire of high strength, economize12%~21%);
Good endurance can delay the appearance and expansion of cracks;
Protecting the environment that mankind depends on for existence, and reducing deforestation.
Pre-stressed concrete poles are strictly in accordance with two standards: GB396-94 Annular Armored Concrete Pole and GB4623-94 Annular Pre-stressed Concrete Pole of the People¡¯s Republic of China.
Process Flow
Equipment List
No. Name and Specification Quantity
1 Various types of pole steel mould 70
2 Various types of anchorage device 140
3 Centrifuge 4
4 Speed regulating motor (37KW) 4
5 Microcomputer motor control cabinet 4
6 Tensioning machine (60T) 2
Tensioning machine (30T) 4
7 Tensioning rod 20
8 Model-50 oil pump 10
9 Heading machine 10
10 Steel bar straightening-cutting machine 2
11 §æ2500, 2T steel wire roll unfastening device 2
12 Reeling machine (inner and outer ring) 2
13 Air pressure gun for mould closing 30
14 Air compressor 10m3 2
15 Mixing station 2
16 Material supply vehicle 4
17 10T Double beam traveling crane 2
18 5T Double beam traveling crane 1
19 Curing pool (brick-concrete structure) 4
20 5T Steam boiler 1
21 300KVA Transformer 1
22 Distribution control cabinet 1
23 Embedded parts for poles 40
24 Traveling crane rail 38Kg/m 1500m
Lab Equipment List
No. Name Specification Qty
1 Balance 5Kg sensitive quantity 1g 1
2 Bench scale 5Kg sensitive quantity 5g 1
3 Platform balance 50~100Kg sensitive quantity 50g 1
4 Cement standard screen 4,900 holes/cm2 1
5 Screen for sand 0.16, 0.315, 0.63,
1.25, 2.5, 5.0mm
6 Screen for carpolite 2.5~40mm 1
7 Dry oven 105¡À5ºC 1
8 Thermometer 0~100ºC 1
9 Vernier caliper (double function)   1
10 Standard consistency apparatus   1
11 Tension dynamometer 5t (used for pole) 2
12 Concrete die setting 150*150*150cm trilink 6
13 Centrifugal mode (used in pole) 1
14 General material testing machine 60t 1
15 Standard curing box Or standard curing room 1
16 Concrete collapse tubular mould §æ100/200*300mm 1
17 Standard vibration table 550x550mm or
18 Scale microscope   1
19 Volume tube   1
20 Resiliometer   1
21 Press   1
22 Mini concrete mixer   1
23 Electric shaker   1
24 Standard funnel   1
25 Cement consistence test mixing machine   1
Technology Characteristics
1. The proportioning and the measurement of concrete should be accurate;
2. The error resulting from alignment and cutting length of reinforcing steel bar should reach 1.5/10000;
3. Tension strength of the reinforcing steel bar should reach 75% of its tensile strength;
4. Demoulding strength of pole should reach 70% of design strength for concrete.
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