Concrete Spun Pile Machine

Products No. Hopeland A126
Name: Pre-stressed Concrete Spun Pile Production Line

We are professional manufacturer of Pre-stressed Concrete Spun Pile Production Line. We have engaged in this area for many years and own mature technology, full experience. Our products are in accordance with the standard GB-13476-1999, the quality is guaranteed. Our main product, GM mould series and forming sets of glcentrifugal machine sell well in GuangDong, ZheJiang, ShangHai, JiangSu, FuJian, HeBei and other places in china.

Process Flow

Main Equipment

1. Spun pile mould
2. Spinning machine
3. High precision steel bar cutting machine
4. Medium temperature heading machine
5. Cold-drawn wire drawing machine
6. Cage welding machine
7. Tension jack
8. Feeding vehicle
9. Ball Mill
10. Autoclave
11. Boiler

Ending Product Picture
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