SL-60 Electronic pill Counting and Bottle Filling

SL-60 Electronic Tablet/Capsule/Pill Counting and
Bottle Filling Machine
1. Introduction
SL-60 electronic tablet/capsule/pill counting and bottle filling machine is wildly used in pharmacy, health products, and food industry. It can count different kinds of granules like round tablet, special shaped tablet, capsule, soft capsule, etc. and pack them into bottles.
SL-60 electronic tablet/capsule/pill counting and bottle filling machine can be used not only solely, but also matched with auto bottle loading machine, paper stuffing machine, auto capping machine, electromagnetic sealing machine and labeling machine as a complete granule counting, bottle filling and packing production line.
2. Working Principle
Granules such as tablets, capsules and so on are put into silo. Under the silo there is a straight line feeding vibration source that can send granules into first path through adjustment valve at the exit of silo. Then first path sends granules to second path, and there is dust absorption holes in the second path to remove dust on granules while vibration. Granules that lie in sequence in grooves of second path fall into counting tubes corresponding to each groove. A photoelectric detection device is equipped in middle part of counting tube, and related pulse signal is produced when every granule passes through. This signal accumulates with every 8 counting paths as a group, and is processed by PLC calculation. When the number reaches the preset value, the counting valve will be closed. After valve closure, granules above fall into path and are counted as next bottle. When the valve opens, granules fill through funnel into the bottle that has already been positioned. By the control of positioning railing, the bottle that finishes granule filling is removed forward by conveyer belt. The next empty bottle is positioned under the funnel to start filling process of a new bottle.
3. Features
(1)  Both round and rectangular bottles are applicable; suitable for tablets, pills, capsules, transparent soft capsules with different sizes;
(2)  Two-stage vibration falling, with dust removal device, no damage to the medicine, complies with GMP regulations;
(3)  Infrared counting probe adopts constant currant source emission head, stable output power, accurate counting;
(4)  Employs positive pressure dustproof technology and counting probe protection, prevent the medicine powder from polluting the probe, ensuring accurate counting;
(5)  Photoelectric detection control of bottle transportation;
(6)  Separate lifting adjustment device, convenient for adjusting;
(7)  Imported pneumatic elements;
(8)  Human-machine computer control system, components use famous brands.
4. Technical Parameter

Path Number of Straight Line Feeder
16 paths
Production Capacity
45~60bottles/min (in accordance with 5.5mm tablet and 50 tablets in one bottle)
Filling Quantity per Bottle
Spec of Medicine
Tablet: 3.5~20mm
Capsule: 00~5#
Diameter of Bottle
Height of Bottle
Silo Capacity
Compressed Air Source
5kg/cm2, 20L/min
Outside Dimensions (L*W*H)
1,280mm1,710 mm1,670mm
Length of Conveyer Belt

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