Ethanol Fermentation System

                Ethanol  Fermentation System
1. Equipment Composition
1) Solid material fermentation tank
  Capacity: 50L; with jacket; stainless steel; temperature self controlled.
2) Ethanol distillation system
  Including distillation tower, condenser, buffer tank, proportion tester;
  Material: stainless steel
2. Working Principle
   Solid material ferments in the fermentation tank and produces  ethanol. After being heated,  ethanol volatilizes and  ethanol degree is about 20~30% (varies for different materials). Then it enters ethanol distillation system, and you will get  ethanol  with degree of about 85~90%.
3. Specification

Fermentation System
1) Capacity: 50L; with jacket; stainless steel;
2) Fermentation temperature self controlled.
Distillation System
1) Distillation tower, condenser, cooler, buffer tank, proportion tester; stainless steel;
2) Distillation temperature self controlled.
Accessory Equipment
1) Operation platform, pipeline, valves
2) Material: stainless steel.


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