YD-18 Teabag Packing Machine

  Product Information

YD-18 Teabag Packing Machine
Be used for packing tea, coffee, herb, plant, etc.
This machine is able to put the substance in
inside bag first, then put the inside bag in
outside bag for packing both of the bags at
the same time. The inside bag is three-side
sealed, can made from filter cotton paper or
other heat seal material; the outside bag is
also three-side sealed. The machine has
landscape correct device and portrait
photo electricity trademark
orientation system. It can freely switch from
continuing trademark to orienting trademark.
It also is able to automatically finish the
process of bag making, measuring, filling,
cutting, seal, counting and output products.
It is valuable.
*Packaging Material
Filter cotton paper, cotton thread, label paper
and aluminum foil..
*Technique Parameter
Outside Bag: Width: 72.5-90 mm, Length: 60-100mm
Inside Bag: Width: 30-72.5mm, Length: 50-70mm
Packing Speed: 30-40Pieces/ Min
Measuring Range: 2-25ml
Power Supply: 220v\3kw
Weight: 500kg
Dimension (LxWxH): 1400x1200x1800mm

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