DYF-2 Multifunctional Paper Bag Sealer

  Product Information

Be used as the packaging of tea and herb beverage
(Grosvenor Momordica Fruit, Five leaf Gynostemma Herb).
The seal is firm. It is good for increasing
the grade of product appearance and upgrading the value of products.
The sealing plate is very hard after special
processing. It is firmly and wear resisting.
The width of bag is adjustable. The style of
machine is novel and the structure is
reasonable. It is easy and reliable to operate
with high speed. The machine is small
and light, can be put on the firm table or shelf.
Main Technique Performance :
Packaging Size: Width: 56-70mm
Production Capacity: 50-120Pieces/ Min
Packaging Material: common paper, thickness: 0.10-0.15mm (the content of wood pulp should over 70%)
Power Capability: 220V/50HZ/50W
Dimension (LxWxH): 350x250x430(mm)
Weight: 30kg

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