YJ-60C Automatic Packing Machine

  Product Information
YJ-60C Automatic Packing Machine
Be used for packing loose powder and grain things
in field of food, medicine and chemical.
Four-side sealIt is able to finish the process of
bag making, measuring, filling, seal, cutting,
counting and printing.Adopt advanced
microcomputer controller to drive and control
the length of bag with stable performanceand accurate testing.
Meanwhile, it is easy to operate. Intelligent temperature
controller and PID adjustment make sure the
error rage of temperature within 1¡æ
Packaging Material
Polypropylene/polyethylene, Aluminum foil/polyethylene,
Nylon/enhanced polyethylene,
Paper/polyethylene, Filter paper for tea, etc.
Technique Performance
Bag Size £W£©£º30-180£mm£©£L£©£º 30-150 (mm)
Packing Speed:30-60 pieces/min
Measuring Range 3-150ML
Power Supply 220V/50HZ/ 1.9KW
Weight 400KG
Dimension:(LxW¡xH) 900x700x700mm

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